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Kelly V McWilliams/ Nicholas V Joseph
Marjorie and Ronald  K Tegland
Tiffany Vance Tegland/Ronald Martin Tegland
Bruno and Victoria Pozzi
Brando Gregory Pozzi
Toni Smith Gardiner
Woodward C Gardiner/Catherine Stacey Gardiner
Colonial House
Victoria Maulhardt/Married May 2009/Pete Konrad
Meyring Family/Beth Matt/Ellie Kaley
Paige Maulhardt/And Beloved Son/Travis Harper
John B Maulhardt/Married 1938/Jeanne M Graves
Stephen Leslie/Beth Paige/ Tessa &/Victoria Maulhardt
Stephen Maulhardt/Married Jan 1970/Leslie V Jones
Wayne N Huff/Married 1970/Nancy Maulhardt
Eric Jessica/ And Jolie Huff
Joel Charne/ Finn & Lyla Huff
Christen Linday/Huff/July 24 1980
RH McGrath Ranch/c/o Dan & Phyllis McGrath (3 bricks)
In Loving Memory/Ron Nester Jr./10/20/1987-1/15/2013
Roderick J/Claire Friel/Carty
Edwin L/Doris McDonell/Carty
Edward S/Clara Wagner/Friel
Mr. Lowell Dayton
Mr. Tim Dayton
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Meck
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Rodriguez
Mr. and Mrs. David Saldana
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stimpert
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Meyring
Lineage Logistics
Terminal Freezers
Francisco "Kiko" Morales
West Coast/Nurseries/Bauer Plants
In Memory of Vive
The LaPoint's/Jim&Rosmary/Nichole Paul Steven
Steinmiller's Harness/and Saddles/Chas J Covarrubias 
Bob Diedrich/M 2-5-1977/Pam Nash
Jane M and Jason R/Children of Bob/And Pam Diedrich
Jane M Diedrich/M 8-8-2009/Jeff A King
Shelby Kade Karlee/Children of Jane/and Jeff King
Jason R Diedrich/M 11/20/2010/Nicki N Phifer
Nathan Ryan Cole &/ Baylee Children of/ JasonNickiDiedrich
In Memory of/Ryan Diedrich/B-D 8-15-2005
In Memory Of/Mike Laubacher/1950-2010
In Memory Of/Cousin Jack Staben/1950-2006
Edwin and Milton/Diedrich/Diedrich Brothers
Marcus Gomez/Pete Varela/Primo Martinez
Louis Drancis/Diedrich M 1910/Ella Wucherpfennig
William Moritz/Diedrich M 1915/Gladys Glenn
Joseph Alfred/Diedrich M 1923/Marie Oxenford
Joseph Sailer/Married 1920/Eva Hoffmeyer
Carl (BABE) Sailer/Married1918/Alvena Williams
Patsy Diedrich/Married 1962/Arnie Miller
Bill and Karen/Diedrich M 1986/Trent B 1987
Dan Diedrich/Born in Oxnard/1958
John and Annetta/Diedrich/Married 1994
The Walkers/Greg and Betsy/Hon and Holly
Ellen Diedrich/Married 1970/Bob Lizotte
Jim Diedrich/Married 1968/Jackie Kohl
John and Bete/McGrath
Kitty McGrath
Peter McGrath
Tim McGrath
Michael McGrath
McGrathBros./John And Frank 
Diane/Diedrich/First Gradchild of 
John McGrath/and Milton Diedrich
Barbara Potter/Granddaughter/of
John McGrath/and/Milton Diedrich
Jay Diedrich/Grandson/Of
John McGrath/and Milton Diedrich
Susan Phillips/Granddaughter/Of
John McGrath/and/Milton Diedrich
Bobby McGrath/Grandson/Of
John McGrath/and Bob Gill
Mary Laura McGrath/Granddaughter/Of
John McGrath/And/Bob Gill
Molly McGrath/Granddaughter/Of
John McGrath/And/Bob Gill
Dr. Manuel M Lopez (5)
Sandtrom &Assoc.
Rick Power
Barbara Power
In Memory/Betty Tamiko Hiji/1927-2013
Brian and Babs/Benchwick and Family
SGT. Gurdin Kenyon/Civic War Veteran/Ocean View Farmer
Angelous Block Company
Donlon Plumbing/Peter Donlon Est.2003
In Memory Of/Helen Noble Muldoon
Ray and Mary/Kathleen"Ginty"/Muldoon Sargent
In Memory Of/Margaret E Borchard
Tony & Anne/Thacher
Rudy & Patricia/Muro
In Memory Of/Phyllis E Branstrom
PVT. Henry Starr/Civil War Veteran/Sugar Beet Grower
Thomas Gill 1816/Gregory Gill 1874/Harold R Gill 1911
The Rejada Family
Tom Reeder
Sally Reeder
Alan and Jeann/Templeman
Louis Ramos/Lily Ramos/Georgia Sanchez
Maria Elena Plaza/R J Frank Principal/ 2010-2013
John & Barbara/Friedrich
In Memory Of/John B Friedrich/ 1917-2000
In Memory Of/Joseph I Friedrich/1914-1991
Jerry & Debbie/Friedrich
Maulhardt/Insurance/Established 2005
In Memory Of/Trinidad & Maria/Ordonez
In Memory Of/Maria Chavez De/Gutierrez
In Memory Of/Bentura Valencia &/Antonia Ordonez
In Memory Of/Genraro Ordonez &/Guadalupe Juarez
In Memory Of/Rafael Chavez &/Herlinda Gutierrez
In Memory Of/Manuel Ordonez&/Serafina Perez
In Memory Of/Abelardo Ordonez &/Manuelita Chavez
In Memory Of/Eusebio Galindo &/Nicolasa Ordonez
In Memory Of/Vicente Ordonez &/ Teresa Chavez
In Memory Of/Eliazar Gutierrez &/Enriqueta Maldonado
William Lenox Ranch/Est Nov 1 1902/ Oxnard CA (2)
Security Doors/Control-Est. 1972/The Geringer Family
The Traveling Tiaras/Connie Jennifer/Leslie and Patty

ROUND 9 - September 2014
Marion Gertrude/Laubacher Sweetland/5/16/15-6/28/08
Al & Kay/Berg
In Memory of/Paul Guenther
John & Susan Knupp/2014
Jensen Design and / Survey Supports / Our Farmers
Don & Lynn Jensen
Keep History Alive/And Growing/The Belgum Family
Mark Christian/Borchard/1954-2014
Partner of Oxnard/s/History Lauterbach/& Assoc Architects
Preserving History/Lendo Family/&Descendants
Beardsley and Son/Since 1935/The Beardsley Family
Jim Donlon/Married 1970/Jaime Melott
Hughes General/Engineering Inc
M.S. Earthworks
Jeff & Debi Hughes
Jim & Karen Borchard/ Pat & Andrea Borchard
In Memory of/Don & Virginia/Ruggles
Nancy McClellan Ruggles/And Ron McClellan
Tom Ruggles/And Gayle Isbell
In Memory of/ Doc & Shirley Sharp
Julie Barter
Marilyn Prouty/Daughter of Robert/Louis Maulhardt
Albiani Family/Dennis Beth Nicholas/Sophie Bella & Sam
Pedro Zapata/Soledad Zapata
Raymond Tejada/Teresa Preciado/Tejada
Weigel Family/David Colby/Patrick Tori
Pat & Chris Weigel/Port Hueneme/Little League Legends
Chapin Rentals/Est. 1946/Dwayne&Debbie Stiles
Gary & Dede Hoskins/And Family
J David Borchard/And/Michelle Borchard
Kathleen M/Borchard
Ian S Borchard
Loving Memory/Corinne/Burdullis
The Spahr Family/Somis/Calif
M Pat Gisler Wise/and Family
Bryan MacDonald/Lorraine MacDonald
In Memory of/Mary Lou & Leon/Glassburn
Torch & Spazz/Forever/In Our Hearts
Vincent Friedrich/Frances Borchard/Friedrich
James Remartha B/Saviers M 1872/Lived 5th & Oxnard Blvd
Frank and Betty/Hiji
Russell and Susan/Uchiyama/ Lisa, Laura and/Russell Jr./Nishimori
Jon and Janice/Nishimori/ Brittany, Kristi, Jonny and Joey/Nishimori   
Scott Sajeiji/Hiji/Justyne & Jessica/Hiji
Steve and Carolyn/Masukawa/Kyle and James Masukawa
In Memory of/Mark C Borchard/Your Sister Anne
Victoria and/Anne Borchard
Karen Martia/Good Luck To/Farm Park
The Bemoll Family
En Memoria De/Jose Ambriz S/May5 1928-Nov9 2013
Edward & Teresa/Borchard/Desc of Caspar
Irene & Emmanual/Cervantes/"Pay It Forward" 
Mark & Lorraine Edsall/Ed Stephanie Thomas/Gr GS Caspar Borchard
In Memory of Kim Freundschun
Louis Ramos/Lily Ramos/Georgia Sanchez
In Memory of /Elizabeth McGrath
Barry Marg Willis
In Memory Laura/Mahoney Maulhardt/1957-2014
Lyle R Humphrey/8-8-1923 to 3-28-2014/m. Carol F Hays 1969

ROUND 10 - November  2014
Edward Danne Myers/Jeanne Friedrich/Myers
Johnnie Myers/Liz Danne Myers
Driftwood Cottage/Nina Siewert-Orton/Hollywood Beach
Werner & Janice /Gebhardt
Steven & Nancy Gebhardt
Daisy & Linda Gebhardt
Keith & Nicholas/Gebhardt/Lyle & Minnie Rolls
Mary Pomeroy/Melissa Pomeroy
Maya & Santiago/Coria/2014
In Memory of/Corinne B Burdullis/Your Sister Anne
Bill And Helen/Melton/And Family
In Loving Memory/Richard Rodarte/Rodriguez 1938-2014
In Memory of Donna/Maulhardt Stiles/Ron Fischer
In Memory of/Tsugio Hiji/1923-2014
The Diedrichs/Louis Mike/ Marsha Mark
Thanks to Naval/Mobile Construction/Battalion 3 - 2014

ROUND 11 - January 2015
Robert & Harriet/Hiji
Mike & Kiki/Hiji
Allyson Michael/And Jarrett/Hiji
Bob & Sachiyo/Hiji
Marissa Brandon/Emily and Tyler/Hiji
Gareth & Jennifer/Madrid
Melia Chad Kalelia/Hiji-Madrid
In Memory of/Harry & Michi/Miyamoto
John & Eleizer Cabral/And Family
In Memory Esteban/Steve Navarro/4/27/1953-12/2/2014
Robert L Maulhardt/married 1932/Frances Louise Heck
Nishimori Bros/Enbee Brand & Minobu/Nishimori
San Miguel Produce Inc/ Roy Nishimori/Jan Berk
Jack & Monica Neitz/John Barb Jeff Jim/Tommy(Dec) Vanessa
In Memory of Author/Michele Serros/2/10/66-1/5/15
In Memory of/Loren Hansen/1926 - 2015
The Petrucela/Family
In Loving Memory/Uncle Bob Maulhardt/Ed Jeff Tim Craig
In Memory of/Bob & Alice Power
JH Maulhardt/Family
To Honor/Bill Crowe/History Educator
In Memory of/WB & Zoella Marriott/WBM Jr
Edward S Friel/In Memory Of/Janice Friel
Marta Summers Gill/2013
Margaret Mara Gill/1949
Catherine Donlon/Gill/1912
Agnus &Pierre/Dufau
History Rules!/Thanks Jeff/Rudy Farrell
Herbert William/Naumann/4/7/1914-2/22/1959
In Memory Of/Wally Held/1930-1991
Craig & Denise/Held/Rancho Gemelos
Robert & Kathryn/Lyons
William Schieffer/Happy To Be Part/Of Lorettas Family
Dadio Adawg And/Brooke Love You To/The Ends Of The Earth
Unique Ftness/Ed Maulhardt/Cherrie Zieger
Coria Family/2015
Leo Tack/Strawberry/Farmer
Untalan/And/Arellano Family
Untalan/And/Arellano Family
Robert Ordonez Jr/Virginia Estrella
In Memory Of/Corrine B Burdullis/ Your Sister Anne
Victoria And/ Anne Borchard
The Hoskins Family/Ben & Shannon/Gwen & Emmett
In Memory Of/Bob & Alice/Power
Covarrubias Family/David Kathryn/Mason & Taylor
Robert & Miriam/Covarrubias/Garvy & Dennis
Yolanda's Mexican Café/Est. 1982 Oxnard
James Allen/Covarrubias/04-20-1937 12-27-2011

Darren & Angie/Hicks
Angel Leanos/Darian Gonzalez/May 31 2009
In Memory of Ralph/Wm Bill Borchard/9/28/1948-7/5/2014
Catherine Antolino/Mervyn/1914 Italy-2014 America
Terry Kennedy TK/Loving father, Husband/Artist & Friend
Zak-Kraft Family/Melita, Ed & Eddie
Maria & Anna Velezuela
Bonnie Rasband
Susan Nielsen
Friends Of/ Heritage Square/Oxnard 1992
In Memory Of/Bill and Helen Melton
Herbert William/Naumann/4/7/1914-2/22/1959
In Memory Of/Mark C Borchard/Your Sister Anne
Mom & Dad/Andrea & Bill King/Est. 1974
Maria & Annaliese/Valenzuela/2015
Watase Family/Thousand Oaks
Suzanne Chadwick
In Memory of/Darrell R King/Iowa Farmer
Charles Vacca/Grandson Of/Christian Borchard
The Vacca Family/Charles & Fern/Steven & Lynn
To Honor the Farming/Community/The De Martinos
Three Musketeers;/Jim, Coleen & Shannon/Gillespie McComb
The Guerrero Family/Mario, Hilda, Mario II/ Mathew & Isaiah
Greg &Jaime Berini
Isaac & Daphne
Covarrubias Family/David Kathryn/Mason Taylor
In Memory Of/Bob & Alice Power
In Fond Memory/Julie Flynn/Dec 4 1966-to July 28 2015
Secret Service Sal/Musical Soulmate/8/3/1956-5/18/2015
In Memory of/James Patrick Donlon/8/17/1938-8/28/2015
Aben F Carranco/Loving Husband/Father & Friend
W B "Pete" Marriott Jr
Our Granddaughters/Lily Bea Lapointe/Harper Lapointe
Lapointe Boys/Davin James Jaxson/Hunter, Bronson

ROUND 13 - October 2016
Edgar & Linda Limon
Lucy Hicks/1881-1954
The Bob & Fran/Oxnard/Family
Robert J Frank/Middle School/AVID 2015-2016
The Buenger Family/Buenger Commercial/Real Estate
The Barkley Family
VC Farm Day/SEEAG.ORG/Est 2008
William & Ruth Parry/60 Years & Counting/August 27, 1956
In Loving Memory/George & Tere Gabrie/My Inspiration
In Fond Memory/Sue Carroll Thomas/ 1-21-1935 to 3/11/2016
Chris Cooluris/Geraldine Cooluris
Raymond and Betty/Swift
Scott Wieser/Love-Maulhardt Bros/Ed, Jeff, Tim & Craig
In Memory of/Hudson & Marcella/Fields
Brian & Heather/Nicholas & Christian/Maulhardt
Classen Family/Craig Jess/Carly Dylan Colt
Rocky Balboa Vaughn/Our Beloved Dog 
Jeff Douglas/Patty Friedrich/Douglas
The Flynn Brothers/of Camarillo/Michael & Pat & Martin
Robert C/Marie Lamb/Carty
Robert C Jr. & Son/John "Jack" Warner/Carty
Edward L and/Annie M/Carty
Writers Camp 2016/Robert J Frank School
John K Flynn
Diane Wilson Flynn
Timothy Bryant Flynn
Julie Coffman Flynn
Megan Renee Flynn
Maeve Anne Flynn
Mairead Kathleen Flynn
Caillin Maighread Flynn
Dina Flynn Lambert
Andrew Joseph Lambert
Ralph Kenneth Lambert
Jon Daniel Flynn
Karen Sly Flynn
John Francis Flynn
James Karin Flynn
Mara Flynn-Rothman
Dylan Jerred Rothman
Jackson Albert Rothman
Sara Denise Flynn
Jeremy Mathew Flynn
Lizza Andres Flynn
Sydney Maria Flynn
Owen Matthew Flynn
Fiona Grace Flynn
Anton J Scholle/Married 1860/Frances Borchard

ROUND 14 - November 2017
Coria-Limon/Pompey-Rios/Families 2015
The Ramirez Family/Everardo Miriam/Melanee & Princess
Cal Bears - Madison Brooks
Robert (Bob)La Macchia/1934-2016/God's Country Family
The/Pepe Sanchez/Family
Mary Preciado Abasta/Loving Wife & Mother/8/29/29-9/28/16
Carpenteria FFA/Future Farmers of/America
Judy Thomas Lewis/Loving Daughter, Sister/Wife - RIP 10/30/16
John W White and/Phyllis A Mylnek/8-12-00 Luv Always
Daniel F Romero Jr/Beloved Father, Son/Brother/Grandchild & Friend
Broughton Family/Richard "Whitey"&Nancy/Richie & Jack

In Memory of/Dynes Donlon

In Memory of/ Donna Maulhardt Stiles/11/27/1952-11/7/1014

In Memory of/Antoinette Marie Maulhardt/6/27/1950-12/18/2016

In Loving Memory/Howard & Mayme Nester/1941-2009

Martha Summers Gill/2013

Ron Fischer/Barn Photographer/10-9-1932 to 2-13-2017


In Honor of Honor of Chuck/Covarrubias 80 B-Day/Mark & Marcia Charney

Marc Charney/Citizen of the Year/City of Oxnard-2017

In Memory of Angus/& Lois Weatherhead/Janet Forrest Stuart

In Memory/Robert Jerome Brickey/1942-2017

In Memory of Angus/Lois Weatherhead/Janet Forrest Stuart

Jeff Douglas/Patty Friedrich/Douglas

Sal Banuelos Song/In My Life/The Beatles

Sal Banuelos Song/Gentle On My Mind/Glenn Campbell

Sal Banuelos Song/I Shall Be Released/Bob Dylan

Sal Banuelos Song/That's Life/Frank Sinatra

Sal Banuelos Song/One Summer Dream/ELO

Ray Torres Salas/Carmen Amparo Salas

Matheson/Trevor & Jennifer/Carly & Caden

Ed & Sue Stile


Robert & Harriett/Hiji

Frank & Betty/ Hiji

In Memory of/Buzz & Lela Alford/Janet Alford Olson

Rosa Robles McCann/Since 1952

John&Jackie Ramirez/In Memory of Manuel/Ramirez 1885-1957

Sophie Kohler/1880 - 1951

Jimmy Helton/Came Here in 1967/NMCB 5

For Jean & Julie/Maulhardt PHLL/Billy & Deanne Capko

Round 15

The Card Ladies

Sue Cathleen Jean/Barbara Jeanie Pat/Toni Nancy

Jim Gill/Greatest Grumpa Ever

Walter Watte/ Christine Watte

CWA - Educating/And Advocating For/Agriculture

In Memory of/Dynes Donlon

Tom and Barbara/Laubacher/and Family

Ben and Ramona/Benny Mike Ricky/Rose Robert Lerma

In Appreciation/Fumio Sasaki

Celina Zacarias

Oxnard Leadership/Class of 2016

Oxnard Leadership/Class of 2017

Oxnard Leadership/Class of 2018

Fumio Sasaki/Farm Park Friend/Supporter & Donor

David Masaki/Sasaki/12-4-1970 to 6-13-2018

Edwin Clark &/Jane Delahoyde/Harrington & CH HS

Tyler Mobley/4-28-93

Michael & Tamara/Lieber/May 2018

Leila & Fred Manvel/Lopez/Messecar

Frank Boross-Loving/Husband, Father/Artist and Friend

Walter Watte/Christine Watte

CWA-Educating/And Advocating For/Agriculture

Nicoll Insurance/805-642-1775/Nicollinsurance.com

Oxnard Monday Club/Established 1905

In Loving Memory/ John "Chappy" Morris/8/15/1961-3/16/2018

Anthony "Tony" Inzana/Loving Husband, Father/ Educator, Coach &Friend

Round 16 - ordered January 14, 2020

John W White and/Phyllis A Mlynek/8-12-00 Luv Always

Happy Gardening!/Leah Haynes/MG 2008-2019

In Memory of/Ed Friel Jr/1927-2019

Joseph E Pena

Daniel Loughman/Anna Covarrubias-/Loughman

Karen Eden/Cary Park/Harmony

William H Maulhardt/Married 1955/Jean Marie Wilson

Jean Marie Maulhardt/Devoted Mother/12-22-35/4-18-19

In Memory of/Jean Maulhardt/ Gary and Dede

Oxnard Leadership/Class of 2019

Jean Maulhardt/Loretta Schieffer/Good Friends

Robert Louis Maulhardt/Loving Grandpa/Ed Jeff Tim Craig Julie

Guadalupe Hernandez/Clara Williams/Married 11/9/1893

Russell Behm/Farm Park Sponsor

In Loving Memory/Howard & Mayme Nester/Married 1960

Robert Maulhardt/Married 1932/Frances Heck

Jeffrey Maulhardt/Married 1983/Deborah Guenther

Oxnard Brothers/Robert Benjamin/Henry James

William Cooper/Married 1881/Harriet Simmons

NY Giants/White Sox/Oxnard 11-11-13/Fred Snodgrass 

James A Drifiill/Superintendent/ Oxnard Sugar Factor

Bill Lenox/Oxnard Farmer/Farm Park Sponsor

Jim Gill/Oxnard Farmer/Farm Park Sponsor

Frank Naumann/Oxnard Farmer/Farm Park Sponsor

Chuck Covarrubias/Oxnard Original/Farm Park Sponsor

Bob Pfeiler/Farmed this Site/1908-2002

Round 17 - Sept 2020

David Young/and /Jill Forman

Lipe Steinberg

In Memory/James Harold Gill/1/2/1946-4/19/2020

Don and Edith/Maulhardt/Married 3/11/2017

Emily Angel/Garza Maulhardt

Eric Daniel Garza Maulhardt

In Loving Memory/Larry G Wright/1942-2004

In Loving Memory/David J Yunker/Educator & Friend

Eleanor Gisler Banner/ 7-24-1928 to 8-4-2020

Julia Ann Maulhardt/An Angel from Heaven/12-2-1962 to 7-10-2020

Julie/"Ooge"/ Maulhardt

In Memory of/James C Gisler/12-25-1933 to 6-18-2020

Dr. A. A. Maulhardt/Cty Health Officer 30 Yrs/1/31/1874-2/15/1937

Round 18

Maggie McKinney/In Memory of mom/Angela Girard

Craig Dixon/In Memory of/Class of 1976

Mark Winquist/Sue Covarrubias/ Winquist

Miles & Elizabeth/England/Covarrubias Grandkids

Audrey and Sherman Hook

In Memory of / Carol Pfeiler / 1944-2020

In Memory / Thomas A Pfeiler / 1954 - 2018

In Memory of Rudolph and Mary / Pfeiler

In Memory of / Emil and Nellie / Pfeiler

Carol Branch Will / Remain in the Hearts / of Family & Friends

Pedro & Arcelia / Preciado and Family / Residents since 1962

Stephen J Maulhardt / 9-17-1947 to 6-8-2021/ Family, Faith & LA Kings

Loretta Rogers / Guenther Schieffer / Geo & Sharon Muth 

Billy Capko / the Babe Ruth of / PH Little League

Tom Manchester / The First President / Spanish Hills CC

In Memory of / Marilyn Thompson / 10/21/31-12/4/2021

Tel: 805 844-9877 

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PARLOR - Aren Jimenez
KITCHEN - Dean and Toni Maulhardt
ANNA'S BEDROOM - The Caspar Borchard Family
NORTH ROOM - Frank Naumann
WRAP-AROUND PORCH - In Memory of Richard Frank Maulhardt
LEMON ORHCARD - Brokaw Nursery
DRIVE WAY - Hiji Bros. Drive
WALKWAY - Saheiji Hiji Way
WALKWAY - Joseph Reimann Way (Tom & Karen Pecht)
WALKWAY - Christian Borchard Way
WALKWAY - Samuel Naumann Way 
UPSTAIRS, EAST ROOM - The Friedich Room
VINTAGE LAMPOST - Kohler Family/Mary O'Connor & Mike O'Connor
MAIN HOUSE PILASTER - Tresierras/Herrera Family

COURTYARD PILASTER - Dorothy Maulhardt Moon Family
IMPLEMENT BARN - Frank Naumann

SHED - Chuck Covarrubias


VINEYARD #1 - $10,000
VINEYARD #2 - $10,000
STAGE ARBOR - $10,000

1924 BUICK - $15,000

BECOME A LIFETIME MEMBER - $500 - Name on plaque in Library
Name on Plaque  in Local History Room
Richard & Ruth Maulhardt
Rod & Claire Carty
The Heinrich Wilhelm Maulhardt Family/Since 1883
Chuck and Emma Covarrubias 
Dr. Manuel M & Irma Lopez
Frank R Naumann
Jerry Friedrich
William Lenox
The Kohler Family/Mary O'Connor/Mike O'Connor
Joseph Burdullis
Rita Borchard Edsall
Lauterbach & Associates, Architects, Inc
Rod & Yolanda Gietzen
Don & Blandina DeArmond
Michael Joseph Maulhardt
Marcia L Donlon
Pete Marriott
Jim Gill

Tom & Gayle Gill

Charles & Fern Vacca

John K & Diane I Flynn

Edwin Clark & Jane Delahoyde

The Burkey Family

BBQ CONSTRUCTION FUND - $500 - Name on plaque placed on BBQ
Jim & Karen Borchard
Tom & Gayle Ruggles
Jeff & Debbie Maulhardt
Phil & Joanne McGrath
Don & Blandina DeArmond
Frank & Sue Naumann

Yoko Newburg & Jeff Catanzaro

FARM FARK TITLE SPONSOR - $1000 - Name on plaque on house

Alert Management - David Covarrubias

Tom & Terry Ball

Claire Friel Carty

Chuck Covarrubias

John & Diane Flynn

In Memory of Lewis Gill

Jeff & Debbie Maulhardt

Mike Maulhardt & Susan McPherson

In Memory of Julia Anne Maulhardt

Chuck & Beverlee McGrath

Tom & Karen Pecht

David Young & Jill Forman

Round 1
3 Best Sons/James Michael/and Anthony Aparicio
Roman T. Salas/Loving Dad/Alfred Jerry Jessie & Sal
Henry Dewitz/Friend & Father
John Ashworth/Loving Father
Bill Belcher/Dale Belcher/Oxnard City Treasurer
Nancy Schill Bloom/and Family/Scott Stacy Leslie Katie
Anita Borchard Merten
Ralph Borchard
Boross & Higgins
Louis & Emma Brucker
Rip & Marilyn Brucker
Elizabeth E Burke/Dad-Carl Borchard/Granddad-R. E. Pfeiler
The Card Ladies Jean Toni / Kathleen Barb / Nancy Jeanie
Dave Carlson/Science Teacher
Cars 4 Causes/The Charity That Gives/To Charities (10 bricks)
Rod J Carty/Claire Friel Carty
Glywn S. Chase Jr/Chase Bros. Dairy
Malinda/Pennoyer Chouinard
Colborn & Associates/Restoring History
Colborn & Associates/General Contractor
Milton & Heather Daily
Eric Daily
Dave Carlson/Science Teacher 
Delta Kappa Gamma/Epsilon Phi, 2004
Susan & Allen Dirrim
The Donlon Family/Of El Rio
John Donlon/1847-1931/m Mary C Forrer
Peter Donlon 1887-1953/m Leona Callens
William C Donlon/El Rio/1888-1972
William Donlon/188-1972
John Donlon Jr/1893-1986/m Clara Vanoni
Nellie Donlon/1894-1966/m Bernie Muldoon
Kate Donlon/1896-1970/m Joe Muldoon
Mollie Donlon/1899-1989/m George Flynn
Laurence Donlon/1897-1898
Ida Donlon
1901-1983/m Joe Errington
Donlon Cloyne/Ventura County/Pioneers
Patrick Muldoon
In Memory Of/Charles "Charlie" &/Laura Donlon
In Memory Of/Charles "Chuck"/Donlon II
William Donlon/1888-1972
Will Donlon/1888-1972
Clara Donlon/1890-1980/m Harry Chapman
Theresa Donlon/1891-1972/m John Cronin
Nazarene Donlon/1903-1991
Mag Donlon/1909-2000
In Memory Of/John Gregory/Donlon
In Memory/Charles Bertrand/"Bert" Donlon
Sarah Mcloughlin/Married 1922/Albert Nobel
John Dullam & Linda Dullam
Rita Borchard/Edsall and Sons  
Nancy Ferry
Ron Fischer
Beverly Fischer/ 2007
Elaine Daugherty/25 yr Educator/in Oxnard a privilege
Angel Menes/Teacher Taught the/“Best” in Oxnard
Margie B. Vengroski/Inst. Assist. Sp Ed./27 Wonderful Years
Sharon B. Tera//Teacher 34 Years/Oxnard School Dist.
Karen Huso – 34 Years Teacher OESD/I Loved It! Thanks!
Estelle Noriega/School Secretary/34 Wonderful Years
To Our Sons/Antonio & Domingo/Gaxiola Salanoa
Gary Gillig / City Attorney
Airline Dan Daniel V Griffith/Keeley Rogers AKA Keebug
In Loving Memory/Marilyn Brucker/ Raphael Brucker
Kay Key
Jim & Cynthia/Lloyd-Butler
Carroll WC Lobeer/Farmer 1907-2000
Manuel Lopez
Alan Terry/Erica AJ Maulhardt
Jean Marie Maulhardt/Loving mom Ed Jeff/Tim Craig Julie
Maulhardt Family/Jeffrey Deborah/Alison Brooke
John & Fredene/Maulhardt
Joseph H, Maulhardt/Margery Maulhardt
Lynn & Marsha Maulhardt
Richard and Ruth/Maulhardt
Richard & Janet/Maulhardt
Tim & Shannon/ Maulhardt
In Memory/William Maulhardt/RJ Frank Students (5)
Wallace McDivitt
The McGrath Family
Anita Merten
Mr.&Mrs.Matt Meyring/Est 1997/Ellie Kay Meyring 02
For Bill Maulhardt/ From Cousins/Dotty, Bob and Rich Miner
Memory of /Marie C. Maulhardt Miner/by Dotty Marie Miner
Thank You To/Jeff Maulhardt From/Cousin Dotty Miner
Richard & Gail Miner/Honor Marie “Molly”/Maulhardt Miner
“Skipper Frank” Naumann
Richard & Suzanne Neer
John and Leslie Nichols
Parry Family/William Ruth Bill/Emmy Natalie Billy
The Mike Pecsok Family
The Stephen Resnick Family
Emil & Mary Pfeiler
Joseph E. Pfeiler/We Swam Here/Thanks Bob & Betty
Dorothy M. Ramirez
Barbara Ricketts
William C Donlon/El Rio/1888-1972
Saviers Brothers/ Raymond H Saviers/Harvey A Saviers
Heinrich Wilhelm/Augusta Wucherpfennig/Maulhardt
Mary Schwabauer
Jeanne Tatum
“Coney Island Kid”/Sharon Brooklyn/Isematsu Terasaka
Ethel Kirtman Tera New York City
Mary Michel Artist/Teacher 1921 -2002
Torres Family/Steven and Nancy/Andrew and Alan
Jan & Hal Wasserman
David Weigel
Ed Weigel
Westervelt Family/Tom & Yvonne/Amy & Darren
John Mary Ellen Zaragoza 2004
Wim Zwinkels/Yoke Zwinkels

Round 2
Alfred & Rose Borchard / And Family 
Albert & Adriana / Peukert Family
Arguelles Family / Antonio & Delores / Arrived in 1832
Bertha Maulhardt / Married 1915 / Wm Lagomarsino
Bob & Pat Maulhardt / Mark Kathleen / Eric Jim Mary
Clare Carrlejo
Cleaves Farm / Presque Isle / Maine
Chuck & Dorothy O'Donnell
Craig Brainard / Kay Brainard
David Justin Donlon
David Graves Maulhardt
Dan Traub / Sylvie Lariver-Traub / Dreamkeeper Films
Diana Guenther Tunigold
Donald Rogers 
Dumas Family / Silver Strand Beach
Earl and Mary Ryberg
Fulkerson Family
Frank P Borchard / Our Grandfather / The Sherman Family
Franz Joseph 1851 / Adolph F 1876 / M C Friedrich 1918
Frank Owens / Anna Novetske-Owens
Gottfried & Sophie Maulhardt / Arrived 1867
Gunther Family
Henry DeWitz / Best Friend
Hoskins Family / Ben Shannon / Gewndolyn
Hoskins Family / Gary Dede / Ben Abby
Huff Family / Wanye Nancy / Eric Joel Christen
In Honor of / Merle & Jessica / White
In Memory of/ Caspar and Theresa / Borchard
In Memory of/ Frank and Myrtle/ Borchard
In Memory of/Kelly and Alice/ Borchard Fussell
In Memoriam / David Graves Maulhardt
In Memory of / Borchards - Caspar / DV EDM Joanne DS
In Memory of / Charles Bertran / "Bert" Donlon
In Memory of / Louis F Pfeiler / 1918 - 2005
In Memory of / Dorothy Marie Miner
John Spoor Broome / 1917 - 2009
James W. Bartlett / Oxnard Native 1938 / OHS 57 Oxnard PD
Lemon Tree Hotel / Bertha Gonzaelz / 7 Nava Children
McGrath Family
Mike Garcia / Annjelah Garcia / Fatima Garcia
Paul and Sharon / Shumann / Aug - 09
Philip Schuss / Eula Schuss / Lincoln Mercury Dlrs
Ramiro & Santa Coria / 1st Oktoberfest 09
Robert Borchard
Samuel Naumen Family
Sam's Saloon  / Craig Maulhardt / Laura Mahoney
Schwabauer Family / Moorpark
Mary Leavens Schwabauer
Steven & Leslie Maulhardt Family
Viking Grads 1975 / Abel Bill Billy / Jeff Kieth Sal
Johannes & Matilda Diedrich
John (Hon) & Katie Diedrich
 Milton & Ella Mae Diedrich
 The Milton / Diedrich Family
Joseph Sailer / Mayor 1910 - 1920 / Katherine Sailer 
Art & Sue Thomas
Thomas H Carroll / Contractor / 1851-1945
T Russell Carroll / Banker / 1890 - 1971
O A Thomas / Blacksmith / 1883 - 1950
Paul Thomas / Denise McMaster 
Ventura / Vintage Rods / Car Club
Joseph Hugo / Maulhardt / 1919 - 2010

3rd round of Brick Orders - Sept 1, 2010:
Oxnard Towing / Since 1972
Randy and David / Sanford - Smith
Aurora de la Selva / Aurora M Lopez
The Deharts / Jim Tina Kristina / Jennifer Deidra
Dell & Larry Flye
In Loving Memory / Raymond M. Hughes / 3-24-80 to 5-7-98
Joseph Hugo / Maulhardt / 1919-2010
The / Arthur W Chaffee / Family
Renee Barrish / In Loving Memory / Wife Mother Friend
Richard Frank / Maulhardt / World Traveler
Joseph & Margery / Maulhardt / Good Friends
Bob and June / Naumann
German Lutheran / Church Est 1901 / Seventh and C St
Oxnard High School / Future Farmers of / America 1959-1962
Johanna Zwinkels / Wilhelmus Zwinkels
Sue Thomas
Alan, Terry / Erica and AJ / Maulhardt
In Memory of / Charles "Charlie" & / Laura Donlon
Ray and Carmen / Friends of  Richard / and Ruth Maulhardt
In Memory of / Earl Ryberg - Richard / Maulhardt Family
Jared Gunther
Carolyn / Darchuck Daily / 1965 - 2010
Corinne and Joe / Burdullis
Karen & Gary Bednorz / Ventura CA
In Memory of / Jo Anderson from / The Dullam Family
In Loving Memory / Nathan, Irma and / Christina Gordon
Jose C Hernandez / 1923 - 2008 / Farm Laborer 
Susannah Sofaer Kramer
Russel H Behm
In Memory of / Joe and Betty Blum
Robert and Louise / Ed and Roxanne / Borchard
Borchard Brothers Farming / Robert Jr., and Ed / Woodland, CA
In Memory / C Mason & Eunice V / Covarrubias
In Memory / Charles J & Dorothy / Covarrubias
Frank R Diaz

Round 4 - May 29, 2011
In Memory of / Bob Gill
In Memory of ; Charles "Chuck" Donlon II
In Memory of / John Gregory / Donlon
Eric William / Borchard / 3-16-1976 to 4-15-2008
Francis Albert / Borchard / 11-7-1876 to 9/21/1960
John Edward / Borchard / 12-26-1847 to 8-20-1929
Johannes Christian / Borchard / 7/5/1816 to 1-22-1903
Miriam and Andrej Kozlovskis
Robert Brickey / Rosemarie Brickey / Marcell Brickey
The Merrill Family / Kitty and Jim / Eric and Caitlin
Thomas Beardsley / Love the Callahans
In Memory of / Johnny Glassburn / Mary B Glassburn
Mary Lee Spencer / In memory of / Robt G Naumann
Edward Jacob / Maulhardt / 1903 - 1985
Florence Obiols / Maulhardt / 1911 - 2000
Bridget Borchard
Patrick Muldoon
Jerry Muldoon
Connie Muldoon Beattie 
Sarah McLoughlin / Married 1922 / Albert Nobel
Chris J Cooluris
Kit's Palimino Room
The Gonzalez Family / Ruben Martha / Ruben Erica Ivan
In Memory of  / Rose R Diaz
Covarrubias Family

Round 5 - September  2011
In Memory of / Elga Kozlovskis
Ana, Michael / Sebastian, Marianna, / & Jacob Hunt
Lloyd and Fredyann / Schoonmaker
Ron & Lisa Nester / Married / April 11 2011
The Hill Family / Wyatt, Eunice, Wyatt / Rachelle, Carl
Edwin S Clark / Jane Delahoyde
Roger M Donlon
Roger Donlon / Rancho Agauje / San Miguel CA
Donlon Farms / Adventure in / Food Shopping
Donlon Trading Co / Roger Donlon / Black Label
Roger Donlon's Faithfuls / Toyo Umeda Linda M / Maggie Tony Juan G
Roger Donlon / Donlon Family / Farming Since 1870
Donlon Farms / Founded by "Bumpa"/ Roger Donlon
Lorenzana Farmily / Joshua Rene 2007 / Brandon Cuyler
Jeanne / Maulhardt-Sweeney / 1920 - 2011
Jeanne Maulhardt / Sweeney-Love Richard / LynnDeanDonnaAlan
In Memory Betty / Thomas McAllister / 9/26/1928-12/12/2008
In Memory / Ruth L Thomas / 9/12/1935-11/15/2010 
In Memory / Linda Ngarupe / Educator & Mother 
Anacapa Brewing / Ventura CA
Dean & Toni / Maulhardt / Room Sponsors
Greg Jaime / Isaac & Daphne / Berini 
Ben Stacy / Deegan & Penelope / Irey
Jeanne Maulhardt / Sweeney - Love/ R Maulhardt Jr Fmly

Round 6 
In Memory of Beverly Fischer
In Memory of Carl C. Borchard
Edward M Borchard / and / Margaret Friedrich
Adolph Fridrich / and / Clara D Kohler
Franz Jos Friedrich / and / Magdalena Huch 
David and Patty / Michael, Brian and / Patrick Paumier
Telluric Petroleum Transport, Inc
Dodge Family / Frank Linda Wesley / Corey Frank C II
In Memory of / Frank Cannon Dodge / The Dodge Ranch
Don & Blandina DeArmond
Covarrubias / Glenn and Helen / Love Julie Bonnie
In Memory of / Norman Edward Frost Jr.
In Memory of / Helen Hitch Gisler
In Memory of / Betty June McGarry

Round 7 - June 2013
Central Valley Packaging & Supply / Mark Vajcovec
James Y Nakamura
Robert Q Valles Family
Jim Carol Cory and Family
Johnson Lift Hyster
Aren Jimenez and / the Jimenez Family
In Memory of / Charles R Pride / 1921-2001
For the Preservation / of History / Carol Puorto
In Memory of / Manuel & Consuelo / Marin
Richard Devericks / Ellen Devericks
The Reyes & Flores / Family
The Tatum Family / Oxnard / 1945
Daisy A Tatum
Lloyd-Butler / Family
Gregory Scott Maulhardt
In Memory of/Dr. Tsujio Kato/Mayor of Oxnard
Ron and Lori / Jackson and Family
Donlon Cloyne / Ventura County/Pioneers
Heather and Milton / Daily Family
In Memory of / the Perfect Mom / Jo Anderson
For My Dad / Stan Anderson
County Commerce Bank
Success Valley Produce
Dandy Cooling Company
Dignity Health
Affordable Tables / And Chairs, LLC / John Hunter
Madland Toyota Lift
Coastal Fresh / Farms, Inc
Oxnard Ambassadors
Antonio B Lopez/Maria G Lopez
The Roundburger / 1041 South Ox Blvd / Mel Buttram prop
Mel's / 1041 South Ox Blvd / Mel Buttram prop
Blue Onion / Drive-In / 733 South Ox Blvd
Frostie's / 310 North A St / Jed Ashton prop
101 Ranch House / Café & Western Bar / 1132 South Ox Blvd
Kit's / Palomino Room / 533 South A St
Colonial House / 711 North Ox Blvd / Martin Smith prop
Wagon Wheel / 800 Wagon Wheel Rd / Martin Smith prop
Sky View / Drive-In Theatre / 1250 South Ox Blvd
Vogue Theatre / corner 3th & B St / first show 2/15/50
Frank & Sue Naumann
Roderick James / Carty / 1934-2013
Joseph W. Voelker Jr / 1939-2013

Round 8 - January 2014
Paul Lee Guenther/The Legend/1953-2013
Loretta Guenther/Schieffer-Mother of/The Living Legend
Kenneth Arno/Guenther - Educator/1930-1986
Rotten Scott/The Ultimate Cat
Charles H Sargent / 1962-2013
Condor Drywall Co/Gilmar Angelica/Gutierrez Family
Jacob Maulhardt/Married/Dorretta Kohler
Dr. A.A. Maulhardt/County Health Officer/1901-1937
Henry Maulhardt/Married 1895/Monica Leidel
Emma Maulhardt/Married 1891/Cornelius Carty
Mary Maulhardt/Married 1901/Louis Hartman
Johannes "John"/Borchard/St. John's Benefactor 1912
Richard Maulhardt/Married 1945/Ruth Caryl Baker
A Richard Baker/Married 1919/Lela Mae Hutchens
Jean & Lance Mason, Sr.
Jeanie & Bill Fitzgerald/John and Ann
Barbara and Celso Cerri, Sr./Celso Jr. and Catherine
"Bitsie" Mason Dufore/Lee and Mason
Sheila and Carl Smith/Gina
Lance E Mason, Jr.
Santa Clara High School
Santa Clara Grammar School
St. Johns Hospital
Beach Town Blues/The Novel

Hollingshead Family/Wayne Kathy/Katie Ellen James
Oxnard Theater/519 South A Street/Ph. Hunter 3-8512

Rolly's Restaurant/349 S. Oxnard Blvd/Ph Hunter 3-9750
Roller Gardens/Buckaroo Road/Ph Hunter 3-2048
Venox/Department Store/827 Buckaroo Road
Oxnard Speedway/Jalopy Races/N end Ventura Road
El Ranchito/Restaurant/800 Wagon Wheel Road
The Flapper/ Cocktail Lounge/1725 S Ox Blvd
River Stables/2230 N Ventura Rd
McDaniels Market/2800 Saviers Road/Ph Hunter 3-0791
Village Market/1712 S. Saviers Rd/Ph Hunter 3-7540
The Packard Family
William and Eve/ McGrath Family
In Loving Memory of/Anthony/McGrath
In Loving Memory/Daniel/McGrath
David Stanley/Maulhardt/12/24/42-2/27/54
Gustave Heinrich/Evelyn Salkeld/Maulhardt
Joseph Hugo/Margery Jordan/Maulhardt
Port Machinery, Inc/Jim Wyant
Loera Transportation/Services Inc/Rod Loera
Martin V. and Martha K Smith
Lucinda Vance Smith