Jeffrey Wayne Maulhardt
Jeff is a fifth generation descendent of the Jacob Maulhardt & Doretta Kohler and the Johannes Borchard & Elizabeth Schwedhelm families. Both families are German immigrants to America. It was the marriage of their children, Louis Maulhardt & Theresa Borchard that brought the two pioneer families together.
Jacob was the brother to Gottfried Maulhardt, who traveled with the Christian Borchard family to this area in 1867. They were among the farmers who planted the first commercial crop, barley, on the Oxnard Plain. Jacob worked his way down the coast and joined his brother in 1869. Jacob, Gottfried and Johannes Borchard leased 1240 acres from Juan Camarillo, who purchased the land from original La Colonia land grantee Rafael Gonzalez. By 1872, Jacob, Gottfried and Johannes bought the 1240 acres for $10 an acre. The Oxnard Historic Farm Park is located on a portion of this original land. The first house they lived in is also a part of the Farm Park.
Jeff taught American History at Robert J. Frank Intermediate School for 30 years and retired early in June 2013 to devote more time to his business, Maulhardt Insurance Agency as well as more time at the Farm Park. Jeff has also authored 15 local books. 


JFrank Robert Naumann

We welcome longtime Farm Park sponsor and newest member the board Frank Robert Naumann. The Namuman family imigrated from Aschersleben, Germany in 1886 and settled in Galvaton, Texas before moving to Chino California in 1893. Soon after the Oxnard sugar factory was completed in 1898 the Naumann's relocated to the Ocean View area of the Oxnard Plain.  Frank followed in his family's footsteps in farming as well as authorship having recently completed a history of the Masonic Cemetery.

Naumann's above from left to right: 
Frank, Robert, Gustav and Samuel Naumann.

Jim Thompson

Jim joined us as a Master Gardener in 2016. Jim was instrumental in installing the Chumash Native Garden we created. He was persistent in getting our signage for the native plants. In addition Jim has helped maintain our Crops of the Past including planting of sugar beets, lima beans and corn.  You can count and seeing Jim at the Farm Park every Tuesday making the site beautiful for the public.

Tel: 805 844-9877 

Jacob and Doretta Kohler Maulhardt family 1893